Day 1 (?)…and they’re off!

Day 1 (?)
102 miles
Camping in brother Tim’s driveway (so we can get an early start): $0

Even after last year’s awning disaster, Tim wanted another trip to the mountains, and is helping us race from Maryland thru the “corn states”, and on to Wyoming.

Since we’re hoping to get there in three days (2,000 miles), I think a ‘Wacky Races” theme is appropriate. I loved this show as a kid (and identified most with Penelope Pitstop).


Leaving Delaware after the commuters were done, I headed to Severna Park, MD to pick up Tim (and his bike) for the trip.The trailer seems awfully big, parked in front of his driveway for the night.

This will be my/our view thru the sunroof for the next 3,000 miles:

My battery’s running out, but stay tuned for some scenery soon…

5 thoughts on “Day 1 (?)…and they’re off!

  1. Can’t wait to see your progress. My top day is 667 miles. We r in way home from boon docking downtown Chicago, interesting stay! Safe journey and post along the way. Sbb former T@b owner, tabadoodle, now Eirestream.

  2. Do you have a new longer Airstream? I know the other one got awning slammed, but last I heard you were off to JC to fix. Just wondering, what I saw in your photo today to beautiful.



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