4th night

315 miles, 18.6 mpg, $55.40 gas, $2.20 tolls, $16 Lake Macbride State Park (Iowa). Got one of the last 3 free spots, after we drove past the “campground full” sign. On a weekend night, we’re lucky to just walk in and find a spot – which is why we rolled in at 2pm. Probably wouldn’t make this park a “destination”, but fine for an overnight.

Left this morning after a $4 pancake breakfast at the South Bend/Elkhart KOA. Nice campground. Very friendly Swiss couple runs the place. Mr. was a master Saab mechanic before he bought the KOA. Barking beagles plague Glenn – even camping. Bathrooms were small, and smelled like cat pee.

Going back a few days – Ohio has the NICEST rest stops. Your toll/tax dollars at work. Illinois – not so much, and tons of road construction. Iowa seems to have very few, and w/o anything but vending machines.

Nap time. Another long driving day tomorrow. Hopping up to smaller Route 20 (Oregon trail) for a more scenic, and slower route to Mt. Rushmore.



3 thoughts on “4th night

  1. Where’s my call???? Seriously – glad to know you’re still moving forward and to know that Ohio is still TCOB. All well here although the power was out for more than 2 hours yesterday. Did you get to Oak Harbor? And, exactly what is it that doesn’t count, hmmmm?

  2. First time you get to see an rv parts place,Camping World mainly or Cabella’s , you might want to redo your step. The Safety step with all aluminum,fold up legs might be a good investment. The one I see in your picture is exactly like the one that rolled over with me sitting down on that door threshold. ouch! just sharing is all!:):) the SAFETY STEP is one you see in many TAB pictures.. we never folded the legs ever though.. just set it inside the door when traveling. also chain it ! to the wheel when camping, cause could come up missing. 🙂 just trying to matter is all …….:)

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