9th Day

290 miles, $45.20 gas, 19mpg, $32 camping in Deer Park Campground in Buffalo, WY.

Another beautiful morning in Wind Cave. Bright early sunrise. Better night for me sleep-wise, but Glenn really has my cold now. Raced to break camp for a rainstorm that never came.

Drove thru Deadwood and Lead (unintentionally) to get to I-90 and to Devil’s Tower. Would it kill Wyoming to mark routes to major highways? The first sign was on the overpass.

Wyoming has such a head-wind! I had it in 4th gear much of the time doing 53mph. Ugh. Back-roads to Devil’s Tower. 7-8% grades. Just stopped long enough for a photo since anything else requires un-hitching the trailer (no place to park up at the visitors center with a trailer in tow). Took a drive thru the campground. Nice, but no hookups or showers. Views of the tower from most sites. Also lots and lots of yipping prairie dogs. So cute.

After our 80 mile detour to the tower, I wanted to settle down fairly soon for the night so we stopped in Buffalo, WY at a nice private campground. Great pool, hot tub, and wi-fi with an old a-frame KOA office.



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