12th day: Up, up, up…

242 miles, 21.8mpg, $77 gas, $29/night camping.

Got up kinda late this chilly (45) morning in Butte, and headed for Missoula and up to Kalispell, Montana and a riverside campground called “Spruce Park on the River” (http://www.spruceparkrv.com/).

The ladies across the way with the vintage Sero Scotty had said the drive would be no problem. The highway part to Missoula was a breeze, but after two mountain passes and we were only in Polson (on the lake), I was a little worried.

For most of the drive from Missoula to Polson, we were on an Indian reservation. At one amazing gas station/hardware store/food emporium we found a fridge filled with vaccines. We also found just the right wood screw to fix a cabinet door that had been falling off. 🙂 Next door I gave the Saab and T@B a bath. Cottonwood seeds may never come out of the soft top…

We passed the KOA on a hill there and continued to labor up hill after hill until we finally hit Kalispell. After seeing the campground, I knew it was worth it. Since we’re so tiny, we were given a small site directly on the wide and fast-flowing Flathead river. We angled the trailer so we could only see water and the mountains on two sides.

Meanwhile, the $100k RVs are packed a row back in like sardines, their slide-outs practically touching – all because of their extreme size and need for a waste drain. They always look at us funny when we pull up in a convertible and walk our little T@B trailer into just the right spot. I embrace all kinds of camping, but why would you pay that much for a rig and tow vehicle, drive it to the most beautiful spot in the world, then keep your windows closed, shades pulled, and Direct TV dish facing south? Some of the trailers have no windows facing the view. Seems like a waste.

From the site, we can see virtually miles around. Except for the Rt .35 bridge, we can’t see a single house, telephone pole, cell tower, road, trail , or any other sign on human life. It’s really amazing.

Tomorrow, we’re going to drive into Glacier Park and explore. Might even take the shuttle, but with a convertible on a clear-blue day, I’m not sure I can resist driving myself – even after all the driving I’ve done so far…

The river is high, and running fast. We saw a lot of flooded fields on the way here, so I suppose I should do some reading as to why.




One thought on “12th day: Up, up, up…

  1. These views are so awesome there are no adequate words to use. What a great adventure! It’s so neat that you are able to take the time (and have the $) to do this at an age when you can really enjoy all this and recover from extreme fanny fatigue in a short while. I hope the remainder of the trip goes as well (and for you, Dan, the return, too) and I can’t wait to hear all the stories and see the rest of the pics first hand.
    Stay safe – Me

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