Official “I told you so” comment area

For all of my friends in the blogosphere, here is your official space to leave your “I told you so” comments. Fire away.


8 thoughts on “Official “I told you so” comment area

  1. Okay, Dan, keep in mind that Little Girl tried to do what you wanted – and almost made it. Once the stress, $$$$$, and frustration have all been dealt with, you need to acknowledge what you accomplished – so many miles/so many gorgeous views/such a unique experience – and then bow to those with more automotive experience and knowledge. (There are some, you know.) You asked a car to do what it wasn’t rated to do and it came very close to letting you say “Hah!” to everyone else. The problem now will be getting both the trailer and the car home – maybe not together? Rent a tow vehicle and someone else (Glenn?) drive the Saab home? Whatever. As a confirmed, long-time keeper of vehicles, I would be very upset if you consigned the Saab to the great junk yard in the sky, especially after the heroic effort it made. But that’s me…….

    1. Thanks. I don’t fault the car at all. At 115,000 miles, Dagmar deserves a meltdown every once in a while. Considering she was dead as a doornail at the top of that pass, the fact that I drove her another 120 miles under her own steam is a testament to Swedish engineering (as is 4000 miles of cross country trailering). You should’ve seen the road we drove in Glacier National Park. Ugh.

      But it sure was nice using my dad’s V-8 pickup to tow the T@B the last 60 miles. Just sayin’.

  2. too bad you didn’t make it all the way with the Saab. great pictures that you posted. thanks for sharing the journey!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it. The Saab will make it. Just a temporary detour, and it timed the breakdown perfectly. I was going to visit with my parents for a while, anyway.

  3. As I see it, Dagmar WAS still running when you pulled into Tacoma. As we runners always said – she “hit the wall” before the end of the race, but still managed to crawl another 120 miles! Hoping you, Dagmar and the trailer still make it to Alameda!


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