July 29: Turning point?

Camped in grandma’s yard last 2 nights next to an enormous butterfly bush.

Rather than fight the weekend coast crowds, I joined them. Just 40 miles from Gma McD’s house in Lincoln City, I set up camp and am spending 2 nights in Tillicum National Forest. Also contemplating making the rest if the trip sans trailer. Mom and dad have offered to park it at their place for me to pick up next year with another tow vehicle. Sure would make the next 4,000 miles easier..,





7 thoughts on “July 29: Turning point?

  1. Can you really even think of leaving it? What will you do when you have those “wanna get away” moments? Think hard!

    1. Holly: I know. It’ll be like sending your firstborn to boarding school. I’ve been imagining (and actually having) odd smells and driving changes in the Saab, leading to its unfortunate collapse in the mountains if Washington. It may be that I’m just spooked, but I have a gut feeling that something else is starting to go on the Saab. I’m out here close to family now. I can’t have another breakdown, this time in the Rockies.

      On the plus side, I’ll have a trailer to use, on the fabulous west coast, when I visit my parents for the next year. And I have this year to consider better tow vehicle options. A VW Touareg TDi comes to mind…

      I’ve been struggling with this decision ever since the car broke down and spent a full week in the shop.

      I will miss the easy weekend getaways, though. But Glenn will be DELIGHTED that the trailer is 3000 miles away. Believe me.

      1. I see it as another “parking space” in your yard for a new addition to your “fleet”… 🙂
        And hopefully the T@B will be indoors at your folks?


  2. I recommend a hotel/motel for the “get away moments” and keep the peace of mind going on the long trip home. I expect you have been “thinking hard” since you have literally been in and will continue to be in the Driver’s seat – but alone coming back. Your plan to retrieve the TAB next year sounds more than reasonable.

  3. I hear ya about the car and would probably feel the same way you do. All very valid points for a good decision. The VW Touareg TDi sounds like a good plan! 🙂

    Glenn: You won’t miss the T@B? Not even a little?

  4. Tillicum is a pretty remarkable place to spend a few days – one of our favorites on the coast. Your T@B will be happy on the west coast. The air is clean. The skies are blue. Winter is a constant carwash. You can store wine while you’re gone.

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