July 31: Separation anxiety


So, mom & dad drove down last night so they could get to my campsite early to take the T@B to the “Winlock Kennel”. Somewhat like the hermit crab, I have shed my home. Although, instead of leaving it in search of a larger shell, I’ve left it behind temporarily in favor of motels and a much less-stressed car. Did I mention less-stressed car? My mileage has doubled.


Made a pancake breakfast for mom & dad, and taxed my brain trying to re-pack for a car-only journey.

Tillicum National Forest has a beautiful campground, and I really enjoyed my last two camping nights here.


Campers of all types and sizes. One is so passionate about their need to grill that they brought a full-size barbecue…


Took an early morning walk at low tide. I’ll miss this park, and camping the rest if this trip. Next time – better tow vehicle. Lesson learned.


Thank you, mom & dad, for babysitting Thor for the winter. I’ll be back for it soon enough (anytime would be too soon for Glenn).

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