Lest y’all think that Prius-driving, wind-farm electricity-using, organic free-range farming Californians are universal, get a load of this:

Oakland, CA. 8/5/11

A Hummer.
– parked in a compact car spot: check
– parked in spot(s) reserved for hybrids: check
– taking two spots: check

The only positive thing I can say is (s)he didn’t leave it idling for the 3 hours they were at the party upstairs.

I’ve also noticed that whereas Livermore used to be filled with aging Honda CVCCs and compact cars, I now see mostly giant black Escalades with tinted windows driven by trophy-wives (no passengers). No doubt they’re rushing to a charity wine-tasting/monster-truck show to benefit the environment. Or at least that’s what I like to think.

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