August 12: the next 120 miles

Left the glamorous Peppermill Casino and Resort at 6:15am. Folks were gambling in full PWT spangles. Was this the beginning, or end, of their day?

I guess it’s lucky I got a room. The Bonneville salt flats are a stones throw away.


2 hours in this truck from W. Wendover, NV to Salt Lake City.


I commented to the driver that he was the first driver (of many!) to use my hitch as the (only) rear anchor point. Experience, he said. 20 years. Imagine my delight to see the chain loop he hooked up to nearly broken off the hitch. The car could have easily come loose, and hop off the flatbed. Too bad. So close…


So, we knocked $40 off my portion of the tow. And now I wait at MSN Auto for the verdict.


Big money. Big money.

4 thoughts on “August 12: the next 120 miles

    1. Also, it’s just typical of how EVERYTHING has gone so far that the tow truck driver mishandled hooking the car up, and damaged the car, as well.

  1. It appears that Dagmar has selected the Rolling Stones’ “19th Nervous Breakdown” as her theme for the return trip, alas. Have you considered changing the banner photo across the top of the blog to show the Saab with the hood up, or on a flatbed?

  2. I still think she misses the T@B and keeps looking for it and waiting for it to catch up…

    Aunt Annie

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