On the road again

Last we left our heroine T@B, she had been abandoned in Washington state, at my parents’ house, bedded down for the long winter.

I was resigned to making another trip next July to pick it up for a “do-over” of the second half of my trip. I passes up so many great campgrounds…

My parents, being the spontaneous crazy retirees that they are, thought I might like it sooner, so yesterday they hitched her up, and started the trek back to Delaware.

They got as far as Idaho last night. I guess I need to blog the T@B’s return journey, even if I’m not there! Now I get to worry about them on the road – the tables have been turned.

And maybe I need to make camping plans for Halloween weekend using my new tow vehicle. Hooray! Any space left at the T@B rally in St. Augustine, FL?

2 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Hopefully your parents trip will be uneventful – in both directions. Yes, please do worry about them – we parents have done enough worrying about you guys (still do) now it’s your turn.

  2. …and the generator, gas can, folding chairs, blanket etc will be on their way to you in 3 weeks, as we follow the trail of the Saab, and now your parents’ truck, in our Odyssey for the next Eastward Ho trip. Since your grandparents’ cross country drive in 1935, some members of our family continue to carry on the tradition of driving coast to coast…
    See you soon!

    Aunt Annie

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