Day 3: Am I in Colorado already?

601 miles
Buffalo Hills Campground in Sterling, CO: $20 (and next door to the Sterling Correctional Facility)

Last night, I fell asleep to a symphony of frogs after a beautiful sunset.

On the corn-field-bedazzled road by 7am. Iowa has amazing rest stops. This one had an interactive learning center and placards describing the history of wind turbines. Wi-Fi, squeaky clean bathrooms.

Iowa’s 8-ft sections of pavement create a bobbing rhythm in the trailer that might be contributing to the exterior door hinge pin working its way out. One call to Airstream and a kit to fix this known issue is being sent ahead to my parents, just in case.

Towards the west end of Iowa, the skies started to get panoramic. Clouds so clear, they seem close enough to touch. On the Colorado border, my iPhone captured this shot. Imagine how gorgeous it was in person.

After a long drive and under the threat of thunderstorms, I pulled into Sterling, CO.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to snag a spot in Rocky Mountain National Park. Probably Timber Creek Campground at 8900 feet elevation. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Day 3: Am I in Colorado already?

  1. One night in a campground next to a correctional facility? Pfft! I spent three years in a middle school next to a cemetery where they actually held funerals while we ran laps around the field.

  2. I am pleased that you are on the road(and blogging) again.
    I enjoy the artistic photos and your sense of humor.
    Is your partner meeting you somewhere?

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