Day 5: Rocky Mountain High

0 miles

If I don’t leave now, I never will. Woke up to elk grazing nearby, and decided to retrace my steps and enjoy the heights, and road, I had come in on yesterday without the stress of towing a trailer. 3,000+ feet to the top from my current 9k elevation.

A few thousand up I stopped at a pullout to snap a shot of the campground from above.

Checked out the visitor center.

Meanwhile, down below a storm was brewing.

Before it hit, my Airstream neighbors and I took a short hike from the campground to Holzwarth Historic Site – an old dude ranch. Just made I back before the rain.

But with rain, comes.

After I took this iPhone shot, I ran to get my good camera because another complete rainbow appeared above the first. I could not make this up… When I have wifi again, I’ll upload that shot.

A few minutes later, a herd of Bull elk grazed through the campground, stopping delighted motorists on the road, and drawing a crowd of campers.

No more photos here for now, but I got up at 4am and took a few nice night shots of the campground. Stay tuned.

Heading out early with the hope of fresh peaches in Palisade, CO, then on to Utah for a night in another national park (hopefully).

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