Day 29: Last Day

750 miles
Kickapoo State Park, IL to Wilmington, DE

Rolled into Kickapoo after dark.

Left at dawn. Sorry, Illinois: the campground has a face for radio, and is best photographed at night…

This was a really long day.

The beautiful west was fading in my rearview mirror.



This was a really long driving day. 750 miles, but I was ready to be home.

All of a sudden, in West VA and Western PA, the roads I-70 to the PA Turnpike have lower speed limits (as low as 45MPH), and seemed to be designed with a 1930 Model A Ford in mind. After four weeks of 75mph ribbons of smooth highway, it was a disappointment…

Took a scenic shortcut through Lancaster, PA. Home at last…

2 thoughts on “Day 29: Last Day

  1. Welcome Home To Delaware Dan. …” Back To School,”
    Hopefully ?!, Was A ” Smooth Ride ” … as well …

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