Bahia Honda

Leaving South of Border before sunrise, we head to our next destination – Edgewater (thank you Zan, for the overnight in your driveway). A nice halfway point between Dillon, SC and the Keys. And a short drive from one of the few places you can drive on the beach. First, a burger at “Breakers”, with their fabulous views.
Then a quick drive on the beach. If you’ve ever driven in dry snow, it’s similar a similar feeling.

You can’t drive on the beach all the way to Key West.

Video: 1935: Driving to Key West

The roads have improved a lot since 1935. But the drive to Key West is not without hazards.


After I was plucked from the limousine by a helicopter before it plummeted in the ocean, the Governator dropped me here: Bahia Honda State Park.

This is one of the busiest parks in Florida, but I lucked out two weeks ago when I was campsite surfing on the web. Where else can you kayak from the gulf to the ocean in 1/2 hour, from your campsite (#17, for those if you looking to reserve ).


If I were willing to pay WordPress, I’d show you a video of my flawless paddling technique. You’ll just have to take my word for it. The blisters on my hands, and sore arms remind me that kayaking in the ocean is not for the novice (me). I wish I knew more about tide. Fighting the current seemed like this

(or this),

but was probably more like this

Campsites were $2.06 in 1966.

Now, $38 – but same great view.

And a great beach.

On to Key West…

3 thoughts on “Bahia Honda

  1. I’m always looking for a beach I can take my motorhome on. I don’t see any campers in you photo but at least cars are allowed on the beach which is great.

  2. I LOVE all the movie clips etc that you manage to find for your travels. Glad you got a drive in on the beach!

  3. Dearest Dan … WHY ?! Do I ” In tu It! ” ?! That You & Glenn WILL !! Eventually… RETIRE Down In KEY WEST ?!?! … Thought ?! i’d ” D E A L ” Wit My dear ‘ole Fascistically ” RE –
    Configured ” … ” Outlook’d ” HOTMAIL Account; A Week – Away From My Birthday … And!, To Truly ENJOY !! Your Lovely, April – In – Florida !! … POSTs. : )

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