Day 5.0: Almost…

280 miles
Palo Duro Canyon State Park (TX): $29
After a dry night in Red Rock Canyon State Park, I awoke early again to the sound of thunderstorms. Leaving the campground before dawn, I once again traced old Route 66 as it paralleled I-40 on the north side, dodging thousands of tiny frogs and flooded areas on the old road. Not many folks take this road at that hour, especially compared to the main highway. It’s a real treat to take in the sights at the slower speeds, and my mpg improved as a result. I eventually passed into Texas….
Mid- blog change of plan: I have so little cell signal here, so I’ll catch up when I’m out of the canyon.

I wanted to leave you with a few photos, but no luck with this signal. You’ll have to wait. It’ll be worth it.

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