Day 6: New Mexico

380 miles
Not really sure.Lake Holloman Campground?: $0 (BLM)

So, this is where I ended up. Not really sure where I am. Lemme tell you how I got there.

After leaving Palo Duro Canyon State Park, I had to Roswell New Mexico be a Rt. 60 and Rt. 70. Along the way I drove through Hereford, the beef capital of the world.  

…and this place, which I hope is referring to cattle embryos. It had a long muddy driveway, and if your trucks on blocks in front of the garage.

It was right next to this charming billboard.  

I love a good tourist trap just as much as the next guy, but Rosswill was a little disappointing. It was hard to drive a trailer through downtown, there was no RV parking at the UFO Museum. I guess the museum was what I expected, although I was imagining it a little more rustically. But heck, it was only five dollars.

It had newspaper clippings from 1947 when this whole Roswell things started, and everything since.

I was a little worried, since there is a research Center, that my airstream McNames Apollo 19, might be mistaken for UFO, but that’s for them to figure out. Maybe there will be a museum dedicated to its siting in 60 years.

I left Roswell, leaving them with this mystery, and headed over the hills towards White Sands.

Does anyone know with this sign means, but I saw on the way?

At first I thought I might camp in the Lincoln National Forest up in the hills, but I really didn’t feel like climbing all the elevation just to go right back down, so I checked my AllStay app and found a Bureau of land management campground just on the border of White Sands National Monument.

I really don’t know exactly where I am, since there are no signs other than to not off-road.  But everything is off road here, so I don’t really know what that means. AllStay calls it Lake Holloman. I doubt I’ll see a ranger. I did see a nice family and a 4X4 jeep, who pointed me in the general direction after I got past the unmarked turnoff.

And here I am (under a severe storm watch, of course.




6 thoughts on “Day 6: New Mexico

  1. How is your Touareg pulling, it’s a diesel right? I have been looking at the Audi Q5 and thinking of getting a Airstream 19′.
    Your post says 14, how many gallons does it hold?
    Have a great trip, my grandparents would stay in Ruiodoso and watch the horse races, during the day we would drive down and visit white sands and the nasa museum.
    Randy French

    1. 26 gallon tank. Usually get 17mpg. the Q5 might be a bit small? Not sure what the two rating is. I’m enjoying the Touareg. Looking forward to White Sands. It looked like such an oasis coming down the hill. I thought it was a mirage.

  2. How do you know you’re parked in a “campsite”?? You take the most awesome pictures! Any critters out there… snakes? Stay safe!

    1. I’m 85% sure this is a legal campsite. On BLM lands, I think you have fairly free reign. I’ll know for sure, if someone knocks on my door at 2 AM and says please leave.

  3. Your stormy weather has made for some incredible pictures. Tim is excited about joining you next week and we are so happy you’ll spend the time together. Stay safe.
    Mom & Dad

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