Day 14, part II: The day is only half over

Wi-Fi and cell towers are scarce in the mountains of Colorado,  so I’m a little behind. After my epic 3000 foot hike, I decided to take the Touareg off-rouding above the campground. It had poured most of the day to the road was a muddy mess,  but the view was worth it.   

 And we had a beautiful rainbow greet us.  

Tim put some peaches and marshmallows in tinfoil to put over the fire.  We made a first attempt to re-create a photo taken in the mid-70s of a camping trip.

Then (circa 1975):  


 (Tim is going to kill me for putting this on my blog)

2 thoughts on “Day 14, part II: The day is only half over

  1. 7/20/15 Saturday
    Sweatshirt from Murph (Mrs. Prentice) – your godparent in Pennsylvania – my best college friend.
    To be fair…post July ’75 picture of you both toasting marshmallows – ages 2 /12 & almost 4.
    And then there’s the April ’79 “trying on backpacks for first trip with Dad”.
    Love the pictures – thanks for reviving the memories.
    Mom & Dad

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