Guest Blogger Tim: East Creek Trail

This special blog post is written by my younger brother Tim. He’s always liked to conquer tall things.  


I feel highly honored that my brother, Dan, has allowed (guilted) me to adorn his travel blog with a guest posting. I’ll try not to tarnish his well-earned reputation for informative and sarcastic reporting.

After checking into our campsite at Bogan Flats, one of our friendly neighbors dropped by to chat and provided me a guidebook of local hikes. I seem to have a penchant for pushing my body to its limit, so I looked for a hike rated extremely difficult and found one to my liking. The more difficult the hike usually means dramatic views, more wildlife, and less humans…exactly what I usually look for.
The East Creek trail, beginning in Redstone, CO, fit the bill perfectly with a 12-mile round trip and 5,000 feet of elevation gain (could have avoided 2 miles and 600 feet of climbing, but Dan forbid me to take his precious VW up a 4wd road to the trailhead). I asked Dan to come, but he mumbled something about not being 25 anymore. The high point and turnaround was at a pass above 12,000ft in the Maroon Bells and offered jaw-dropping views of the surrounding peaks.   

 Here’s the road Dan made me walk to the trailhead.  

Here are some photos coming up the valley and the hike up.  


I spooked some elk on the way up.

Our dad always included flower pictures in his roll of backpacking slides, which we begged him to fast-forward through. Here are some for your enjoyment.

It was a spectacular day I will never forget. I truly enjoy the solitude and scenery usually only reachable through long, strenuous hikes. If it was easy everybody would do it. Thank you, Dan, for making it possible.

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Tim: East Creek Trail

  1. Wow! It’s hard to tell which one of you is writing now! So glad you had a safe hike filled with spectacular scenery. What a memorable trip this is for both of you.

  2. And thank you, Don (Dad), for instilling in them both the love of the outdoors and adventure. Continue your trip safely and happily together.

  3. Stunning photography, guest blogger Tim. What a hike! Nothing quite like clear high altitude air and mountain vistas. Were you behind the Maroon Bells? I’ve only seen them from the top of the Snowmass ski area.

  4. Beautiful hike pictures, Tim! And I much enjoyed your guest bloggage! Sounds like a phenomenal trip.

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