2003, 2009, 2012, 2016
(all at Lackawanna State Park, PA)

Someone added four feet to my trailer! After years of pestering poor Lauren and Patrick at Colonial Airstream by asking to sit in a 23D whenever I was in the neighborhood, I finally took the plunge when a gently-used one showed up in their incoming inventory. I spend 2-4 months of the year in my 19′ trailer, so four feet of waist-to-ceiling windows and a long couch have been beckoning me like sirens.



Look for a future post about the pros and cons of a 19C v. 23D (hint: so many pros).

Some lucky owner is about purchase Apollo 19. I wish them years of happy travels. Please take good care of her.

7 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Yes, what an evolution – amazingly captured in pictures at the same location. I guess the trailer seed was planted in 1973 with our Sportliner tent trailer. Enjoy and travel safely!

  2. Congratulations, Dan! Looking forward to more news from the road. And pictures of dinner with Lawrence Welk. Martha

  3. We were ALMOST the owners of Apollo ! It didn’t work out and we ended up purchasing a 2008 23′ safari. Apollo was a great trailer and I’m sure it’s new owners are very happy !

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