Day 2: Exacting Tolls

660 miles
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore: $18

Now that I’m towing a double-axle trailer, I’m starting to pay more attention to tolls. I should probably pay more attention. Today was an expensive day.

PA Turnpike: $25.80 (“Class 2”) Breezewood to  Warrendale
Ohio Turnpike: $42.25 (“Class 4”) – full length – 237 miles

At the western end of Ohio, I was so spooked by the high tolls, I got on Route 20 through Indiana, which runs parallel to the Indiana East/West Toll Road. Not a speedy route, but I got to see a lot of trailer factories near Elkhart.

Today’s goal was to put as many miles behind us as we could – and we did. 13 hours of driving, and 660 miles. I’m sure Tim wanted to go on, but by I didn’t want so be looking for campgrounds near Chicago, so around 7pm, we stopped at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and plunked down our $18 for a spot to stay:

No hookups at sites, but clean bathrooms, and a very quiet park. Mostly tent campers. Easy electronic after-hours credit card kiosk. On the way out, down the one-way road to the RV dump station, we encountered this:

It was too heavy to move, so I earned my stars backing down the road for a while… As you can see, it was pretty early in the morning (5am). We’re hoping to get to South Dakota today, veering up to I-90 at some point for a northerly entry to the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Maybe a stop first at my favorite campground in Buffalo, WY on day three.

And now, your daily dose of Wacky Races:

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Exacting Tolls

  1. 7/13/16
    Ouch! You’ll need to start a separate piggy bank for tolls. And you didn’t happen to include a chain saw with your gear for this first unexpected encounter with a downed tree!
    We hope you have no more unwelcome surprises.
    Be safe and enjoy every mile.
    Mom & Dad

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