Day 4: Transition

550 miles
14.5 mpg
Deer Park Campground (Buffalo, WY): $38

After an early trip to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, the view got more and more Western. The skies got wider and more blue. The corn gave way to pastures, and rolling hills. Exits off of I-90 started to have cattle grates.

We decided to take the Badlands Loop. What a treat, and didn’t impeded the westerly progress too much. At long last, I felt justified in playing my western iTunes playlist. Selections like this:

And to add to your reading and viewing pleasure, I finally installed the suction-cup mount for my new Ricoh Theta 360 and used it as we drove thru Badlands. The results:

Maybe not that last one.

Wall Drug was too busy to be trailer-friendly, so we made a drive-by, and moved on. Our eventual destination was Buffalo, WY. Across from Deer Park Campground, all your custom slaughtering needs can be met.

All you really need in WY is a view of the sky.

Tomorrow, we venture into the Wind River Range on a summer weekend, and somehow expect to find idyllic camping near the tree-line in a nearly-free site. Lofty goals. Stay tuned to find out. Be patient – I may be without wi-fi for a few days. While I’m away, what’s your prediction?


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