Day 6: Sunrise, tires and laundry

16 miles (drive into Larden, WY from Frye Lake Campground)
93mpg (all downhill)
Frye Lake Campground: $0

(no wi-fi or cell signal at the campground today, so here’s an early report, while in town for the tire repair and laundry)

It never hurts to wake up to a sunrise like this.

What does hurt is trying to figure out what to do about a punctured tire when you’re miles from civilization. Luckily, it had not gone flat. Maybe it had sealed itself around the hole? Maybe it would hold going down the switchbacks back into town Monday?

Option 1: AAA. Hmm. No cell signal, and would they come to a BLM campground? To change a tire? Unlikely.

Option 2: Wait until Monday on the way out, and take the whole trailer to the Bailey’s Tire Shop. Would the tire hold air for a 16-mile slalom down to Lander, WY?

Option 3: Drive down on three tires. The Airstream manual actually suggests this as an option. under 30mph, for less than 100 miles. And maybe I would, if it weren’t for the aforementioned switchback-fest.

Option 4: Bring just the tire to Bailey’s Tire Shop in Larden, WY. Unfortunately, all I had was the tool kit that came with the VW Touareg. The jack is not ideal for the jacking point on the Airstream, which is ticked in fairly inboard, and behind the dump tank plumbing.


We chose Option 4. As I speak, the trailer is on the jack (stabilizers down just in case) while I’m here in Lander getting it fixed.

This looks as scary as it felt:

On the upside, I did laundry, got the car washed, and dropped Tim (and his bike) at the bottom for a ride back up the mountain. All before 12:30pm.

Here’s hoping that when I get back, the trailer is still on the jack, and I can get the plugged tire back on. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Day 6: Sunrise, tires and laundry

  1. When you have dual axels, you do not need to jack up, just add more leveling blocks to the back tire only and your front tire will spinn freely off the ground to take off. I have a single axel 19′, I have to use a jack.

  2. Best and safest option. Btw you do not need to jack up a tire on dual axels. Just load up back tire with leveling blocks, drive up on them and front tire is spinning freely. On my 19′ I do have to jack, which makes it a harder job.,

  3. You don’t have to jack up the Airstream. Just elevate it by rolling up on some 2×6 or Anderson ramps. No danger in this method.

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