Day 10: 700 miles

700 miles


Pine Mountain Observatory (Oregon): $0

Tim and I are always tired after a long drive.




Dropped Tim at the Boise Airport. We called to check if it was ok. Anything under 14.5′ can drive through. So we did.

Thank you, Tim, for sharing the first 3,000 miles with me.

It was a long day.

Tetons sunrise.

Tetons pass (10% grade)

700 miles. Took a risk on an 8 mile dirt road up to Pine Mountain Observatory. Worth it. And now I’m just 200 miles from the coast and have a shot at my favorite secret park overlooking the Pacific.

Look for some night shots if I can drag myself out of bed.

4 thoughts on “Day 10: 700 miles

  1. Cutest photos ever, love watching your trip. I bet airport enjoyed your drop off, we have done that and A few other odd drop offs. Your 10% grade looks like just a wide broad road. Great post

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