Day 21: Children of the Corn

577 miles

16.7 mpg

$10: Airstream HQ, Jackaon Center, Ohio

Today was a day for driving. And getting halfway home. I avoided the tollroads entirely, and took the Lincoln Highway, (Route 30) most of the way. Other than a scary section in Chicago Heights, filled with some very aggressive drivers, I’m glad I did. I paid zero dollars in tolls, and got one or two better MPG.

I’m walking through the airstream waiting room (morgue) as I write this. I half expect to run into Apollo 19,  although I have no reason to believe she would be here. This is my fourth time here, and it always gives me the creeps. I know it should make me happy they’re about to be repaired, but it seems like a sad purgatory of suspended camping dreams. Some damage is very obvious, but others must have “internal injuries”.

I should be home tomorrow. Has this trip really only been three weeks?

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