Day 1: Greetings from the Ohio Turnpike

502 miles
15.5 mpg
$20: Blue Heron Service Plaza, Ohio Turnpike

And we’re off. Up at 5am. Packed and ready to go by 7:30.

And the first mishap happened before I even left the driveway. I couldn’t find the 2nd set of trailer keys (last used for our Canada trip). So, after a call to the friendly folks at Colonial Airstream, five key blanks will be sent ahead to a UPS Store in Fargo, ND. Since the drone will be sent there, too, it only made sense.

The Ohio Turnpike not only the “world’s most modern superhighway” – it’s also a $20 campground for the weary (like me). And after nine hours of driving, it looks pretty good.

It’s behind the service plaza, and if you park just right, there’s actually a nice view of the field.

Seems safe, and there’s a 20/30/50 amp electric hook-up. I’ll be sleeping in air-conditioned comfort..

The downside of this straight shot across the corn-fed east is the tolls. Especially for a two-axle trailer. Last time, it was $26 for the PA Turnpike, and $42 for Ohio.

Day one: 500 miles in the rear view mirror. The Arctic Circle is only 4,000 more miles.

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Greetings from the Ohio Turnpike

  1. How about a “Day Zero” post? What is the tow vehicle and AirStream? TDI pulling a 23D? Looks like a blast!

    1. 2016 VW Touareg TDI (with Can-Am hitch reinforcement) towing a 2014 23D international Signature. If you go to the main blog page, there are some posts leading up to this day. It’s already been a journey.

  2. I stayed at the turnpike “campgrounds” regularly for a few years I think they are great! I like your attitude about replacing the keys. Why sweat it? Enjoy your trip!

    1. I considered it. But from what I understand, the oil company owns the last 5 miles of road, if you have to charter the jeep to go the last bit. Also that’s a long, long dirt road. I thought a more reasonable goal was to just get north of the arctic circle line.

  3. “[Dan] was happy again. All he needed was a wheel in his hand and [six?] on the road and one in his hand.”
    —Jack Kerouac

    Safe travels, be happy, and sleep well!

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