Day 6: Keys

30 miles
16 mpg
$30: Lindenwood Campground, Fargo, ND

If you’ve been following this trip from the beginning, you know that before I left, I could not find my spare set of trailer keys. I called Colonial Airstream, and asked them to send a set of blanks ahead to me in Fargo, ND. Today, I picked them up at a UPS Store. I thought I had asked for 5 keys (one for each of the locks in a 2014 Airstream 23D), but they sent two sets for the main door, and 2 water-door keys. *Sigh*

Well, I thought, at least I’ll be able to get into the trailer with what I have.

I headed for nearest Ace Hardware to get the keys cut. They decided these key blanks we a bit over their head, and recommended The Lockshop, immediately behind their store. Larry not only made perfect copies of the door keys, but had the blanks to make the trunk locker and battery box keys as well. He even stamped them with B and T so I could tell the difference.

Thanks, Larry. Now I have 3 sets of keys.

Since I still had to wait for the drone to arrive at that same UPS store (hopefully tomorrow), I decided to camp nearby. Larry recommended Lindenwood Campground, where I could “throw a stone at Minnesota” from the river bank in North Dakota. $30/day with electric and water.

On my way, feeling guilty for not providing you with any epic adventures today, I stopped at the world’s largest Dilly Bar at the Moorhead, Minnesota Dairy Queen – the birthplace of the Dilly Bar.

You’re welcome.

So, it’s early afternoon, and I’m now camped at Lindenwood, waiting for my next UPS package. It’s a beautiful day. And I need a nap.

7 thoughts on “Day 6: Keys

  1. Let’s hear it for Larry! Used to eat lots of Dilly Bars in my youth. Good to know where they originated. And I like the SPAM key ring. 🙂

      1. Made hundreds of Dilly Bars back in the day. Best part about working at DQ? We’d dip a Dilly Bar about 20 times to get a really thick coat of chocolate. My 52-year-old self is mourning the metabolism I had at 16. 😭

  2. I’d say that Colonial Airstream is batting zero. Does corporate headquarters know about their service failures? Looks like gorgeous weather – hope it holds up for most of your trip.

  3. Butterscotch Dilly Bars were my favorite—thin crunchy sweet (a bit salty even?) flakes around soft serve vanilla. Ahh, the ’70s when we ate anything wondrously!

    Happy trails and tables, Dan!

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