And on the 7th day…

…he waited one more day for his forwarded mail. And rested some more.

0 miles
0 mpg
$30: Lindenwood Campground, Fargo, ND

You may remember, over two weeks ago I arranged to have my repaired drone sent ahead to Fargo, ND. Seemed like plenty of time. But I didn’t realize that I’d have to spend two days convincing DJI that a United States address cannot have two cities, states, and ZIP codes: two 1/2-hour phone calls.

I’ve been on the UPS tracking website hourly hoping for a delivery today.

It shipped from Texas Friday, but took an extended vacation in Edgerton, Kansas. I’ll keep compulsively checking UPS, but it looks like I’ll be here until mid-day tomorrow, if no hopscotch courts get between here and Omaha..

Outta my way, kids.

I got up early, determined to make something out of the day, and walked around the park.

No dead bodies here (see yesterday’s post). In fact, they have the coolest kayak-launch dock I’ever ever seen. Although designed for handi-capable folks, I can see it benefiting everyone. After you set your canoe/kayak on the rollers, you easily launch yourself into the water (of course, trying to avoid the dead bodies).

Most of the park is dedicated to (and main road named for) Roger Maris.

If you’ve forgotten his stats, have no fear. They posted his entire athletic record next to his photo.

I wonder if my hometown has my report cards and youth orchestra schedule next to the bronze statue of me at the Carnegie Library. I hope so.

Before I move my trailer to a new site, I head into town to get some more synthetic oil, and visit the Fargo-Moorhead Visitor Center. I came here for one thing:

Mission accomplished.

I returned to the park, now beautifully lit by the mid-day sun.

Added my well-earned North Dakota sticker to my map.

And charged up my DJI Spark drone batteries.

Since I’ve had 5 bars of Verizon LTE signal and lots of time, I’ve been writing and posting a lot. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll need to make up for lost time and my posts will probably be sporadic, short, and low-res. Please don’t take offense.

Not sure if I’ll cut up to Canada via North Dakota or Montana. They’re about equidistant. Opinions?

Update: The drone is in Sioux Falls. Getting closer.

4 thoughts on “And on the 7th day…

  1. I vote for the North Portal and maybe you could check out Pipeline protest site and use your drone! We haven’t had much news on that situation in months! And you might be able to get a SK, CA sticker for your map. lizard

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