Day 19: Airstream Life – Dalton Highway Style

Greetings from the Dalton Highway!

Adventure is around every corner, but that’s no reason we can’t keep things classy.

Greet the morning with a smile, and a can of bear spray.

I prefer that my nightgown matches my bathroom decor. I call it “midnight sun”.

I’ve invited the Hart’s over for dinner (when they met, it was murder). A Sputnik fashioned out of a grapefruit and cocktail olives is a perfect pairing with champagne. Caribou tallow, anyone?

Ignore the bear gnawing on the screen door – dinner is served.

Spraying DEET on all my fine garments prevents static cling.

I find that playing Ferrante & Teicher on the Airstream Hi-Fi keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

Entertaining at the top of the world, Airstream style.

8 thoughts on “Day 19: Airstream Life – Dalton Highway Style

  1. Loved this post! I am always amazed at the old ads/photos of things that go along with your travels.

  2. So sorry I have not replied yet to any of your posts, but I promise you…they are thoroughly entertaining! Love the pictures and enjoying your travels!! We had to sell our airstream because of my husband’s health and I sit in Florida dying to do exactly what you are doing!! Keep on keeping on and enjoy every minute! Safe travels!!

  3. 68 Airstream 30 footer, (looks like it was photoshopped, Overlander over Sovereign.) The other Airstreams all look to be 1978? You really go all out for entertaining. 🙂

  4. Hi Dan,
    From the looks of things you’re going to need a bigger water tank to take care of all those showers nd flushings plus more sleeping space.
    Enjoying all the pictures especially the drone.
    Love – Dad

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