Day 29: Bore Tide

0 miles
$20: Bird Creek Campground, Chugach State Park

Today started with a morning jaunt back to Bird Creek. A popular fishing spot, and even more beautiful today in the morning sun.

As we were leaving, I heard the train coming. It runs parallel to the Seward Highway (Highway 1).

With the right angle, and careful framing of the shot, our campste is idyllic.

When those fireweed blooms finish their journey to the top, I’m told it’s six weeks until winter. Getting close.

Our next task, on Glenn’s last day, was to see a bore tide. My cousins told me about this phenomenon where a wave of water comes up an inlet after low tide. Our campground happens to be on Turnagain Arm – one of the best places to see a bore tide. It has the second largest tides in North America.

We weren’t at the ideal phase of the moon for the biggest example, but after three hours, we were finally rewarded.

Here it is in motion, making its way up the inlet. We first saw it near Indian Point, then drove ahead of it past Bird Point.

We were warned to not go hiking on the muddy riverbed. The tide can sneak up on you. There’s even a tall tale of someone being ripped in half during a helicopter rescue, their bottom half firmly stuck in the mud – Dutch door-style.

Let’s all avoid that scenario, legend or not.

Tonight, Glenn flies home. Tomorrow, I go to Kendall Volkswagen for an oil change. If I get done early in the day, I might try to get to Homer (Anchor Point) for a quick overnight – the westernmost point you can drive to within North America.

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