Day 54: Giants

400 miles
17 mpg
$43: Anthony Chabot Campground, Oakland, CA

The Crescent City KOA was an above-average KOA, and I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for the $3.50 pancake breakfast at 8:30am, but I had a long drive ahead.

I had giants to see.

Giant trees.

And literal giants.

Hey – watch where you’re stepping.

Highway 101 is scenic enough on its own, but by all means, take the “scenic loops” offered. Just take them. It won’t take that much longer. The gargantuan tree trunks on the “Avenue of the Giants” are very close to the road. The slalom, even with a trailer, is awe inspiring.

It’s good to feel small sometimes.

As 101 winds down to Santa Rosa, the grass gets more brown, the number of lanes increase, and suddenly there’s no mistaking that you’re driving in the Bay Area with a 23 foot trailer. Plan your lane changes well in advance.

I grew up in the East Bay, and had never been to Anthony Chabot campground. It’s way up in the hills (the turnoff is easy to miss) among the eucalyptus and wild turkeys (?).

An unexpected oasis.

And somehow, after only seeing one other Airstream today, my camping neighbor is almost the same year, size, model, and trim as my trailer.

It’s in the 90s in the valley, but cool up here. I have a full hookup site for now, but my second pair of days (I need to move mid-stay) are “dry”. Shouldn’t be a problem.

5 thoughts on “Day 54: Giants

  1. Yes…Airstreams ARE awesome…especially yours! It was so much fun visiting with you tonight. See you tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Yep, they’re wild turkeys! The wild ones don’t look at all like the fat one that Mr. Bean cooked for Christmas dinner….

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