Day 60 and 61: Relief

180 miles
$40 (2 nights): Deadman Campground, Kennedy Meadows, Tuolumne County, CA

Despite surrounding fires, and a closed highway 108 on Sonora Pass, the skies were clear and beautiful north of Yosemite. We found a campsite at Deadman, near Kennedy Meadows.

I chose this campsite because of its proximity to Relief Reservoir.

My dad used to take my brother and I here, off-roading to a spot just above the dam. It was a head-start for backpacking to crystal-clear mountain lakes, endless vistas, and lifelong memories.

Here’s a similar view, from my first trip there in 1981 (thanks to my dad’s digital scans).

I had to go up the hard way. That road is now closed (and not trailer friendly). Kennedy Meadows is 3 miles down-river. I got up at 6am, for a long, shady hike up to the lake.

Along the way, you’ll see the debris from the construction of the dam, 100 years ago.

The lever still moves.

And the rusted pulleys still move freely.

The pulley is in the top left of this photo at the lodge.

Here I am, “inspecting the hardware” on our first trip in 1981.

And that same hardware today.

I couldn’t resist a little drone fun.

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