Day 3: Welcome to Colorado

605 miles
$0: Golden, CO (moochdocking at brother Tim’s)

After a beautiful, air-conditioned night in steamy Kansas…

…I steeled myself for one more long day of driving. As a reward, I got to Colorado.

And it is colorful. And full of fluffy “Simpsons” clouds.

While stopped in Denver traffic, I spied a disguised future Range Rover. It didn’t have any visible exhaust, so I guess they’re coming out with an all-electric version of the Evoque.

And here I am, parked on the street above I-70.

We went for a little hike to walk the dogs, just up the hill.

Tomorrow’s plan is to find a more permanent campsite on the eastern edge of the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Maybe for two or three days. That’ll put me up at 10,000 feet, above the heat of Denver where the forecast is for the mid- to upper-90s. This is one of the busiest summer camping areas in the US, so wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Welcome to Colorado

  1. Are you going to be on the Western Slope this week? We have courtesy parking in the Montrose / Ridgway area and can offer power, water, and a dump station. It’s still in the low 90s here, but very cool at night. Full disclosure: We are building a house on the property so there is a lot of construction going on during the day and they do start early. But you are welcome to camp here if you’re in the area.

    Carolyn Beardshear 317-910-0986

  2. Looking forward to pictures and videos from my wonderful home state. Might be early peaches in Palisade, so you could stop on your way to Ridgeway. Enjoy!

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