Day 14: Accidents happen

0 miles
$85.75: KOA (Moab, UT)

Moab has a really nice urgent care center.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I start my day at Moab’s largest pool – at my KOA. At 10am, I’m the only one there. I float aimlessly, slowly batting myself edge to edge in a slow-motion water version of Pong.

There’s no bad view from the pool – mesas and mountains all around.

My last time out, I stub my tow really hard on the bottom step. Really hard. I try to walk it off, but it still hurts. I limp back to the trailer.

And stub it again, in the trailer. Again, hard. Ouch.

Well, at least I can drive to Canyonlands and enjoy the view from the car. But it’s too painful to put on a shoe. Well, I’ll go in flip-flops.

As I drive in that direction, I wonder, while I’m in a relatively large town, if I should go to an Urgent Care center to get this X-rayed.

Moab Regional Urgent Care may have the best view of any hospital.

And here’s the view inside my foot.

It’s a fracture of my 4th toe, but luckily it’s “nondisplaced” – a hairline fracture.

All I need to do is “buddy splint” for the next 4-6 weeks. Third toe: will you be My Buddy?

No hiking for a bit. I’ll enjoy Arches National Park from here.

At least it wasn’t my driving foot.

5 thoughts on “Day 14: Accidents happen

  1. I’m so sorry, Dan. But through your discomfort you’ve managed to be creative and make us all laugh. Enjoy experiencing the magic and mystery of Arches

  2. Oh dear…so sorry for your injury – ’twas smart to get it checked before walking too long on it.
    Enjoy what you can without hiking for awhile so you heal well.
    Love, Mom & Dad

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