Day 28-31: Rainier Rainier

0 miles
$0: Moochdocking at mom & dad’s (Winlock, WA)

Nothing profound these past few days.

Washed nearly three weeks of clothes at a great laundromat (albeit a lousy restaurant).

Enjoyed some nice sunrises from the front yard.

Drove up to Mt Rainier’s west entrance via Rt. 12. My annual national parks pass is really paying for itself. Without it, the entrance fee is $30.

The great thing about driving up to “Paradise” is that even if it’s foggy at one elevation…

…chance are, you’ll find another that’s clear.

And of course, this.

I circled the visitor center about 10 times looking for parking, but gave up. I checked out the Cougar Rock campground for a future visit.

On the way down, I stopped for some petrified ethyl gasoline in Ashford.

Do you think it’ll void my warranty?

Across the street, I stopped for some Sherpa-Himalayan cuisine (as one does) at Wildberry. My waiter was a little over-dressed for the weather, but they take hygiene very seriously.

Back at the homefront, s’mores with mom and dad.

I washed and waxed the car for the next 4,000-mile leg of the journey.

Which of course meant, it rained.

I’ll be taking a one-week hiatus from the trip to fly back to the east coast for some concerts, but I’ll be back soon with renewed vigor for more trailering adventures.

7 thoughts on “Day 28-31: Rainier Rainier

  1. I always enjoy seeing your posts drop into my inbox. There were so many things I didn’t get to see when I visited that region. Who knew that the weather affected the National Parks, and that winter doesn’t follow our calendar? Enjoy your week of work.

  2. . . . Hiking Thru The Cascades , Near Mt. Rainier, In the Last century, during my college daze . . . iS One of My Supreme ! Memories of Visiting Seattle . . . In The 80’s ; That , And Circling In – A -Two – Seater Small Prop Airplane Over ! Thee Center of Downtown Seattle . . . a n d . . . SaiLing On Lake Washington . . . Ah, Youth .

  3. Loved the picture with Mom and Dad! Brings up so many good memories of camping with my parents and brothers when we were kids and I wish I could share that appreciation with them…

  4. Beautiful pictures! Anne told me about your blog and will plan to follow. If you come through No Tx area we have a place for you to refuel.

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