Day 37-39: Family and Ice Cream

136 miles
Day 37 $0: Moochdocking at mom & dad’s (Winlock, WA)
Day 38 $0: Moochdocking at Uncle Von’s (Toledo, WA)
Day 39 $0: Moochdocking at mom & dad’s (Winlock, WA)

We took our time packing up at our South Beach waterfront campsite on the Olympic Peninsula. Wouldn’t you?

One last walk on the beach, down to a semi-permanent looking structure. An early Airbnb?

The rest of the day was spent prepping for the annual Family Reunion at Uncle Von’s. There were deviled eggs to made, and ice cream batter to be chilled. Winlock is the home of the World’s Largest Egg, after all.

Grandma’s recipe calls for heavy cream, whole milk, raw eggs, vanilla, and sugar (lots and lots). All mixed with mom’s 1970 wedding-gift mixer – front and center in the following photo.

No photos to share of the reunion, but one last wistful shot of my front-yard campsite at mom and dad’s. Using the last few minutes of daylight to hook up for the long journey home.

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