Welcome to my first blog. I’d like to share my camping adventures with friends and family. Don’t worry – I’ll still send postcards, too…

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to following your adventure on the blog! We can’t wait for you to pull up at our front door!
    Annie & Tim

  2. Cool! gonna be doing the same thing in a few weeks… Three weeks, Ohio to Oregon and back, unfortunately not bringing our t@b. Packing a bigger camper… and a few extra people. I think I’m gonna try the blog thing too (hubby can’t make it so we’ll keep him posted). Have a great time and I’ll be following you, let us know about the can’t miss stops.
    Safe travels.

      1. We will be leaving Monday, the blog is up – travelinggoat.wordpress
        Sounds like you have been having quite an adventure! Can’t wait to start ours.

  3. Love your Blog !
    Will follow your adventures as I take my T@DA up the Northwest coast for 2 weeks…

  4. Wow! Am loving the photos and reading about all your travels. You are living a dream I’ve had for years – to take to the road and explore country west of the Mississippi.

  5. Hello form the San Jaun Islands, I discovered your blog in a list of airstream sites and just thought I would tell you how great it is to follow your adventures. You’ve got a wonderful ‘rig’. It sounds as though the Toerag is doing a great job towing . I’m really amazed at the gas mileage considering the weight of the trailer. I’m a former Airstream owner (69′ Caravel) and have recently started to plan the next Airstream purchase as well as a tow vehicle. Best wishes and safe travels. Looking forward to you next post and more of those amazing photos.

  6. Hey, Dan!

    I’ve been following you from Oregon since the T@B days. We’ve replaced the Wild Turtle with Luceil, an R-Pod, and haven’t looked back. Loved the T@B, but she was too small.

    Your last adventure is in keeping with many of your others – if we’d been at that “secret place” on the coast a couple days earlier, we would have stopped by……….ours is the campground almost adjacent. Perfect spots to watch the ocean!

    We leave on Friday for a swing down the southern Oregon coast, to the Redwoods, and back up by the Oregon Caves. Taking the grandson, 3 ukuleles, skateboard gear (his, not ours) enough food for a small tribe, and an alarm clock so we can wake up in time to see the meteor showers.

    Hope all is well now that you’re home. Keep making music and memories!


    1. Sherrie:
      You’re so lucky to live in such a camping Mecca! Sorry I didn’t see you at the secret Oregon coast campground. Maybe next year. :). I’m so glad you enjoy the blog.

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