14th day: shortcuts are awesome

365 miles, 17.8mpg, $118.02 gas, $41 (!!) camping at Mardon Resort on Potholes Reservoir (Washington).

Well, we’re ~250 miles from our Western destination. For those of you who voted in my earlier poll and voted 1-3000 miles, you lost. No breakdowns.

Played leapfrog from Montana to WA with a larger version of our trailer (the T@DA). Their lights weren’t working, and we finally got a chance to tell them when we happened to stop at the same rest stop.

We found a great shortcut to go west from our campground. Mostly gradual hills, and cut 100 miles off our drive. As a result, we drove quite a bit into Washington, and ended up a few miles south of Moses Lake, WA.

The state park (“Pothole”, believe it or not) was full, so we backtracked to this lovely “resort”. We were desperate, since there’s nothing else around for miles, but never again…

One cool thing – someone here has a cool vintage airstream circa 1950.

Looking forward to seeing mom & dad tomorrow and unhitching this trailer for a few days…

If my calculations are correct, we’re coming up on 4,000 miles.






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