Delaware to New Mexico: The Numbers

Can you really put a price on this view? Well actually, you can. And I’m here to tell you what that price is.

Those of you who’ve followed tabadabadoo for a while know I usually do a complete “numbers” blog post at the and of long summer trips. This year, I’m doing two – one at both ends of the trip.

Here’s the breakdown of the ~2.000-mile trip from Wilmington, Delaware to Santa Fe, New Mexico between June 27 and July 1, 2022. Diesel and camping fees.

Diesel: $725

The average cost of Diesel was $5.30 and ranged from $5.10 to $5.61 per gallon. I just filled up today (August 9) in Santa Fe for $4.53/gal. My trip home should cost much less.

And here’s where I stayed en route.

$47.12Hungry Mother State Park (Marion, VA)
$56.64Memphis KOA Journey (Marion, AR)
$30Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park (Hinton, OK)
$34Palo Duro Canyon State Park (TX)
$18Santa Rosa Lake State Park (NM)

$47.12 – Hungry Mother State Park (Marion, VA)
$56.64 – Memphis KOA Journey (Marion, AR)
Kinda pricey for what it was, but they had a nice pool…
$30 – Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park (Hinton, OK)
One of my favorite and unexpectedly beautiful campgrounds near Route 66 in Oklahoma.
$18 – Santa Rosa Lake State Park (NM)
I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I didn’t even take a photo of this campsite. It was hot, and unexceptional. Went for a nice evening hike, though.

Grand total for gas and camping: $910.76

But, it all led to this.

Hyde Memorial State Park (Santa Fe, NM)

At some point I’ll break down cost for the seven weeks of Santa Fe camping. Spoiler alert – it’s very reasonable.

One thought on “Delaware to New Mexico: The Numbers

  1. Hi Dan,

    So…where are you now? Back in Santa Fe or still in AZ? That’s quite a cross section of campgrounds. I think it’s interesting that our family continues to keep a record of our travel costs – from Mom and Pop’s 1935 honeymoon trip across country with the hotel bills, the Indian rugs, etc to my spread sheets for all of our trips, and now to you tracing part of Mom and Pop’s trip 87 years later. We Shulvers like to drive.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Loveya! Annie

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