Guest blogger mom: next door

9/8/11 Thursday 9:17 p.m. EDT

We’re next door to Delaware! We’re almost there, Dan – can you believe it?
If this were Friday night of a home game weekend for Penn State, there wouldn’t be a hotel room available anywhere – we timed this right.
Again, we were the ONLY RV on the highway today – incredible.
Rain off and on most of the day – not a problem.
New signs we saw on I 80 :
Cell phones illegal in work areas (probably to cut down on accidents by distraction?)
Use flashers under 50 mph (on uphill areas)
Now to enjoy our beautiful room for the night…
We are so glad we have been able to make this trip.
Goodnight –

And photos from dad:

Almost there….

114 Lunch stop on the turnpike – parked in the big rig parking area
118 Highway road spray during a rain storm
120 East I 80 – sign when entering Pa




One thought on “Guest blogger mom: next door

  1. Welcome to Delaware! Please continue to be safe. That photo of the rain, and lack of visibility is pretty scary. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here despite the fact that rain continues! I’m almost finished with Ark in the backyard. So nice of you to bring the bicycle helmet back to Delaware.

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