September 9: The eagle has landed

After 5 days (and dozens of roadside meals), mom and dad arrived triumphantly in Wilmington, DE with the T@B. They looked happy but exhausted.


So, a journey that began July 6th with the simple goal of driving cross-country with my trailer ends.*

Thank you, mom and dad. Your trip was much more “uneventful” than mine, but hopefully still fun. And by “eventful” I mean without multiple breakdowns and hundreds of miles on a tow-truck.

And now I can camp this fall – and keep the blog going – until my next big adventure.

Since I think the “plot” of my trip can be boiled down to “Airport ’75”, here are the closing credits.

*Well, almost: the rest of the gear I had to abandon on the west coast is coming east with my aunt when they drive out in October.

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