Day 1: And the journey begins:

515 miles & 15mpg.

Back in the saddle again. I’ve been dreaming of of “re-do” of last year’s Saab story. I have 4 weeks – just enough time to enjoy a cross country camping adventure with my improved equipment.

Finished packing this morning.


Across the Ohio border.


515 miles – more than almost any leg of the journey last year. The Touareg makes it so easy. Stopped and made a sandwich in the Airstream. Later, grilled cheese at the KOA in Perrysburg, OH (near Toledo).


A dip in a pool with a 1-to-1 ratio of chlorine to water, then what I hope will be a great night’s sleep. Still hooked up, and ready to get an early start. Watching William Shatner in Star Trek before bed.


Hoping to race thru the next few states to get to the good stuff: Colorado and beyond.

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