Day 7: Nevada is wider than I thought

15.8 mpg
610 miles
11 hours driving
$0: parked at my Aunt & Uncle’s

Saw very few Americans – virtually filled to the brim with European Tourists in rented RVs. Last night was the 75th anniversary of the park, and the superintendent gave a pictorial talk about the history of the national park.

Left the fabulous Capitol Reef National Park at 7 am.

11 hours of hot, mostly flat driving, I’m in Yerington, NV at the far western side of Nevada. Wide, wide, Nevada


Thank you, aunt Linda & uncle Wally for a great (& indoor!) dinner, to-go food, and a 7am tour of your puzzle museum.


Yes,, that is a sarcophagus…

And I’m off on Day 8…


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