Day 8: Steep Grades Ahead

18 mpg
142 miles
$0 Emigrant National Wilderness

Since my goal was the Sonora area and highway 108, I saw Sonora Pass as my option.

Well, it doesn’t say “prohibited”, does it? Careful gearing led me to the summit.

Even more careful gearing (4×4 low range) got me down with no brake smell.

After I saw the area, I delayed my vague itinerary, and decided to camp in my family’s old backpacking stomping ground and dry camp in Emigrant Wilderness. After a trip to fill my water tank, I found this little spot.


10 miles off 108. I unhooked the trailer and continued off road past the campsite.

High enough for you? Lest I run out of diesel, or pop a tire, I head back to a campsite that dwarfs my trailer. Oddly quiet. Just the sound of flies, and the occasional jet. Smells like sage and cooked artichokes.

The first $0 campground, and by far, the best!


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