Day 9 & 10: Catching up

Day 9

32mpg (first 42 miles), then 18mpg
$0 camped in driveway
150 miles

I woke up to a quiet oasis and headed down the hill to see my aunt Liana.


She made me a real breakfast, and we chatted for a while. Turns out, she had been camping with friends earlier that week just a few miles from my spot.

Then, my favorite drive down to the valley. Descending in elevation passing two entrances to Yosemite, rolling hills, and hotter as I descend – eventually to 17 feet elevation in the inner valley. Altamont pass and its wind turbines, then to Livermore and a great visit with my middle school music teacher and her retired science teacher husband (from my high school). We had a great time catching up, and the put up with my silver monster in their front yard for 2 nights! Thank you, Liz & Carl. What must your neighbors think?


I drive into Livermore via First Street, and arrived during a food event. Horse and buggy traffic is usually discouraged.


Day 10
0 miles w/trailer
$0 camping in driveway

Early morning, and after another fabulous breakfast, I braved the bay area traffic to spend the day in Alameda with my aunt, uncle, and a high school friend.

The only photo evidence I have of that day is this grapefruit margarita from a tasty Mexican restaurant Christy and I got.

After dinner, we went to Forbidden Island. Must, go, back. I could live there. Tiki theme, blowfish lamps, tiki idols, drink umbrellas, ultra-lounge music, giant outdoor tiki bar, cool crowd. Yes, please.


I’m in heaven.

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