Day 11: to points unknown

17 mpg
$35 Burlington Campground, Humboldt Redwoods State Forrest
270 miles

With no particular endpoint in mind, I bid a fond farewell to the Martins and Livermore.
But not before I drove around the old ‘hood a bit.

Cruelly, I took thus picture of the “donut wheel” from my parking spot on front of ladies’ workout spot, “Curves”. They have a symbiotic relationship.

It’s not nearly as “glamorous” close up, but delicious nonetheless.

A group of old farts was talking about “AYE-rabs”. Some things never change.

The safest place for small children (or Huggy pillow) is the back seat.


Then I drove a few blocks to the boarding house my dad lived in when he met my mom, the “Twin Palms”..


I round the corner to snap a photo of his basement apartment.

Perhaps you can’t read the sign over the door clearly. Allow me to zoom in.

With no particular destination in mind, by afternoon, after Vallejo, Sonoma, and Willits up highway 101, I take the scenic “Avenue of the Giants”.

Giants, indeed.

And I settled down in Burlington Campground in Humboldt Redwoods State Forrest. A few miles short of Eureka, CA.




Tomorrow – the Oregon coast.

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