Day 17: Nevada is wide

394 miles
$0: Moochdocking at Aunt Linda and Uncle Wally’s Resort and Spa (Yerrington, NV)

Mornings are always better in a National Park. In this case, Lower Lehman Campground in Great Basin NP.

To honor the lowly pit-toilets of our National Parks…

…I’ve begun folding a triangle into the end of the toilet paper rolls. Like fine hotels.

Have I been on the road too long? Maybe.

A lot of driving today. Basically, the entire width of Nevada. Many more mountain ranges than I remember along old highway 50.

I tried taking another drone shot on a more typical salty desolate portion of 50, but the drone seemed confused by the heat, or maybe an old nuclear test site. I dunno. It just started flying away of its own accord. It was 96 degrees, so I just got back in the car.

Ending up at Linda & Wally’s in Yerrington, NV.

Still figuring out where I’m headed tomorrow, I’ll let you know. I’d love to camp along highway 108 in the Stanislaus National Forest, north of Yosemite. But how to get there… There’s no easy way from here.

5 thoughts on “Day 17: Nevada is wide

  1. Since you had been on Hwy 50 I wondered if you might stop at Linda’s – I’m glad you did. And I’d guess you’ll head to the Bay Area and the next aunt, Anne, in Alameda?
    See you in August…
    Love, Mom & Dad

  2. I’m relieved that you don’t seem to have encountered the plagues of grasshoppers afflicting Las Vegas. I’m sure there would have been a memorable blog entry if you had.

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