Roadside Blogging

$10/night: Olympic National Park
160 miles

Olympic National Park along the coast is not Verizon-friendly, so I’m pulled over on the road just outside the park with 2 bars of 3G service…

My brother and nephew joined me on the Oregon coast for some s’mores, beach walks, and Airstream camping.



My nephew is a s’more connoisseur. Presentation is everything.

Then a visit with grandma – soon to be 98. Been coming to Dory Cove for 42 years. Clam chowder not as thick as it used to be, but still great.

Framer John’s is always a good stop on the way from Lincoln City to Portland.

No cell phone pics of mom & dad’s place, but returning tomorrow. After a night there, I thought I’d take advantage of the mid-week “roulette” advantage for a night or two in Olympic National Park. Right on the water.


Watch out for “cougars”.

Here’s the view this morning from my door.


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