Roadside Blogging

$10/night: Olympic National Park
160 miles

Olympic National Park along the coast is not Verizon-friendly, so I’m pulled over on the road just outside the park with 2 bars of 3G service…

My brother and nephew joined me on the Oregon coast for some s’mores, beach walks, and Airstream camping.



My nephew is a s’more connoisseur. Presentation is everything.

Then a visit with grandma – soon to be 98. Been coming to Dory Cove for 42 years. Clam chowder not as thick as it used to be, but still great.

Framer John’s is always a good stop on the way from Lincoln City to Portland.

No cell phone pics of mom & dad’s place, but returning tomorrow. After a night there, I thought I’d take advantage of the mid-week “roulette” advantage for a night or two in Olympic National Park. Right on the water.


Watch out for “cougars”.

Here’s the view this morning from my door.


One thought on “Roadside Blogging

  1. Can’t beat that front door view. I totally agree about presentation being everything with s’mores. The quarter in the mouth adds that needed pizzazz to the picture.

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