SD State Park’s Spa-like bathrooms

Decorative grasses, lavender, and Black-eyed Susans greet you.

Each bathroom is a private “suite” with toilet, sink, chair, and giant walk-in stall shower. Cinder-block walls are coated in a glossy paint that repels water, and looks like faux granite. They’re clean, have soap, a fancy “xlerator” hand dryer. Walk-in shower has great pressure. I have NEVER seen a state park with bathrooms this nice.


Oh, and a clear skylight.

Laura Ingalls Wilder would be very proud.

3 thoughts on “SD State Park’s Spa-like bathrooms

  1. It’s sad- but true- how excited you can get over a simple bathroom after weeks on the road. Next time, let’s show them some of the “worst of”-s. Hall of Shame!

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