End of the Road

100 miles
23mpg (@~50mph)
Boyd’s Key West Campground

Awoke to a beautiful balmy day in John Pennekamp State Park.
On to my favorite part of the trip so far – driving the Keys, and the 7-mile bridge.

Final destination: Key West.

Boyd’s is gorgeous, but you pay for it; $120/night.

Well, there is a saltwater pool and tiki bar…
Even a month in advance with a reservation, we got one of the last water spots. With a large electrical box flanked by bushes dominating a portion of our waterfront, I would call this an “obstructed-view” site. And a gargantuan 5th-wheel trailer with slide outs, cuts the view completely to the left.
But even a portion of view is impressive, and with some creative trailer angling, we make the most of it.
Traditionally, one would back straight into a camp spot, but drastic times call for drastic measures.
I think the resulting view is worth the effort.
Rehearsal was cancelled last night due to issues with connecting flights with some of the orchestra members, but the night off was well-used catching up with some friends who had already arrived, and getting the lay of the land.

And learning important rules.


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