Day 8: Gettin’ comfortable

0 miles (w/ trailer)
N/A mpg
Holy Ghost Campground: $8

So for the first time, I’m spending a second night in a campground. I’ll be staying in Santa Fe for most of the week, and this seemed like a good place to start. It had been warm when I went to bed (8pm!), so I had the windows open and the roof vents on.I’m a notoriously sound sleeper, and in six hours I awoke shivering. It was now in the 40s. I closed up, and brought out an extra blanket.   Later, I woke up before the sun, and headed down a trail at the far end of the campground that crossed the creek a few times.         It was a beautiful, if wet (mostly w/ dew) trail. It’s unusual for this area to be so green, and I took some photos of what i expect are flowers that don’t come out too often in the area.






And I hiked back to the campground…



I took advantage of a travel-free day to go into town to meet up with friends from Santa Fe Opera. Getting in and out of Holy Ghost was a challenge, so one of my friends took me up towards the “ski basin” to Hyde Memorial State Park and Black Canyon campground, I decided to try to move there for the rest of the trip – just a few miles out of town. More tomorrow…

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